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(no subject)  
08:23pm 06/04/2013


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10:22pm 15/04/2010
This is why I love them <3
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OMG just come out now already  
11:03pm 15/03/2010

omGGgG Jessica <3
:((( OK... I'm probably gonna end up buying the repackaged album....
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(no subject)  
12:11am 25/01/2010
I'm still alive!
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Jessica pees like a boy!?  
09:55am 21/09/2009
LOL Poor Seobaby, she was so scarred T__T

She then proceeds to turn into Heechul and scare the crap out of everone else...

hahha Jessi <3
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(no subject)  
10:07pm 15/09/2009
Uuugh work is killing me, Sunday nights are the worst. Because I have to ride in this very very sketchy elevator that looks like it's about 100 years old and sounds like it too. Everyt ime I close those heavy iron doors, I worry that I won't be able to open them again... it makes me wonder... is it true that if the elevator you're riding in falls, will you be unaffected if you jump right at the bottom or will it just make it worse? I'm pretty sure it'll make it worse but I need some kind of security when I'm riding that damn thing! What should I do if it falls! o_o
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06:07pm 03/09/2009
OK crazy lady at work... just because I'm Asian doesn't mean I'm Chinese and you don't need to yell at me for not being able to speak a language that I shouldn't even know in the first place!!

Ugh what's with these people.
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So the f(x) Music Video was finally released last night.  
09:07am 03/09/2009
Seriously, I can only tell who Krystal and Amber are and the other 3 don't stand out to me yet.

It was alright, I really wasn't expecting much from the teaser but the song is actually pretty catchy. I know I'm probably going to pay attention to them while SNSD is on their vacation time.

Holy crap LOL Krystal sounds just like her sister. I was listening to the song and I was like, "Whoa...Jessica!?"
Amber....haha it feels awkward watching her try to do some of the girly dance parts but this is the first time I've seen such a butchy girl in a girl group like this and I was shocked at some of the backwards comments made about her but I kind of like how it brought attention to that kind of thing and lots of people are defending her and saying that not all girls have to like wearing skirts and heels so whatever. My sister thinks her rap at the end was hot and she keeps going around saying "lacha ta.ta" in her voice.

Oh and aww, at some point in the video Amber opens the car door for Krystal haha what a gentleman lol speaking of which, Mimi was like spazzing out and telling me about how during Yuri's birthday party last year everyone spotted Krystal holding hands with a foreign boy and assumed that Jessica's little sister had a boyfriend... rofl it turns out the "boyfriend" they were talking about was Amber -.-  wtf... Mimi....

But I should probably go to sleep before works starts.

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LOL I sooo predicted this would happen...  
10:17pm 25/08/2009
LOL ...poor Mr. and Mrs. Jung....
So f(x)'s teaser video just came out a couple days ago and people are already questioning Krystal's sexual orientation T__T....
because she's Jessbian's sister, duuuh!  (not that I oppose, I myself am in favor of KryHyun, thanks to soy -.-) but .....the latest rumors are totally suggesting Krystal and Amber rofl

Quotes from SNSDkorean:
"Amber and Krystal were wandering around in Apgujung (fashion, shopping district) arms hooked together. Someone tried to take their pics but Amber grabbed Krystal and walked away kekeke

From a female clerk at a store where Amber is a regular customer:
“I thought she was a guy at first…an attractive American style guy…good manners… she has a nice husky voice…then one day I was shocked when I noticed the chest… she really is pretty and handsome… I almost fainted when she smiled at me, smiled in a really cute way… fluent English…her Korean has an accent but is pretty good”


haha ... whatever rofl I totally approve!
Maybe Krystal will follow in her big sister's footsteps and be in the "power couple" of her group.......
Plus I'm in support of seeing Yusica and Krymber on double dates!
...oh no, I'm already having too much fun with this.

Rofl I just saw this on SSF... there are already little cartoon thingies going around.

Pfft Krystal can have Amber, Jess already made it clear she's not into under age girls :P .... but still!! Think of the possibilities!! Rofl Jessica cheating on Yuri... for Amber?! Seohyun cheating on Yoona... for Krystal? If only my life was as beautifully lesbionic as the Jung sisters'.... I would be so happy.
mood: guiltyguilty
music: f(x) | Lachata teaser
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(no subject)  
11:37am 08/08/2009
OMG the Sorry sorry performance was hot! But wayyy to short >.<
Like Yuri looked all butchy lol and I loved it because she's way hot when she dresses that way ^^
And I can't forget my husband, Jessica XD she was being "Heesica" + wearing a leather jacket = I died.
Now I just have to wait for the chocolate show. Haha I was watching a preview and I swear Jessica spanked seohyun's bum at the end of it >.
mood: hothot
music: SNSD | Sorry sorry
tags: butch, hot, snsd
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